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How to clean tile grout?

How to clean tile grout?

2020-12-04 09:35:47

A lot of people ask if tile grout can be erased? How to get it off?

If you get it on the clothes accidentally, it is best to soak in water for a period of time, then wash it with cleaner. After washing, if there is still some residual tile grout, we can wash it once more with salt. Due to its fast curing, once touching your hands, do not hesitate to erase immediately. It is recommended to wear gloves during construction.

In the construction, if it is touched on the floor accidentally and already solidified, how to deal with it? First, cover tile grout with a towel, open the anhydrous ethanol to pour it on the towel, pass on electricity and turn on switch to have hot air gun work with second shift, keep hot air gun outlet to the towel and move it back and forth. After heating for about a minute, press the flat fitting of the hot air gun on the towel and move it back and forth, until the stain is removed.

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